Monday, July 18, 2016

WIP: Holi Menne and Muties

My second post and it is time for some content. Pilgrims and mutants.

There were two projects that really struck me back when I was just starting the Inq28 hobby. The Sump Wars and the Pilgrym Project both featuring PDH, Migs and master Blanche himself. The first project gave me the really unclean and heretical part of the 40k universe, filled with gangers, mutants, chaos cultists and rusted cyborgs. However on the other end is the Pilgrym, a little brighter than usual and divine. This was Terra and it was all about pilgrims, custodians and botanical men.

I found that these two projects were juxtapositions of each other. They are contrasting yet still similar. They brought the grim and the dark in both projects and it suprised me how this group of amazing men were so flexible and adapting to these projects. Kudos and respect to them indeed.

So here I am after contributing the Pilgrym with my Arxites( Link goes to the WIP behind them). Wondering inside my mind what to do next. So far I am aimless. I am simply building without a real project in mind, maybe after this chaotic phase I could make a story out of it...

Without further ado, here are the models I am currently making:

A pilgrim. A penitent. He carries the picked skull of his fellow brother after the failed attempt at escaping the Corvii of underhive Terra. A heavy burden to carry yet still zealous over his pilgrimage to ascend the spires of Terra.

This guy was ripped off from Marcominius' pilgrim Tyliff Liederre. I used a flagellant body with goblin arms and a skitarii head. It also contains random bits from my cutting table. I will be adding the sleeve for the robe and a fur pelt around his neck.

Walking aimlessly within the Hall of Penitents. Reciting the psalms of the God-Emperor's Holy book to only himself. Caecus was pious man who has memorised the entire Codex Imperialis. He blinded himself to ensure that he read no other text as the Codex was the holiest scripture he has ever read.

I am in love with making small character. So, I took the plague monks kit and gave one of the robes a flagellant head. The blind folded one seemed the best and I gave him a book borne on his back. The rat tail was removed and I gave him a mechanical hand from the Kataphron kit. I just had to fill up the gaps in between the torso and the arms and I called him finished.

A collegiate from the holy household of Iesua. Grex Symmorre is just another ganger in House Ieusua's private army. He is a master at geurilla warfare and a great marksman when it comes to the secret wars that rage beneath Terra. He has gained many a purity seals for his achievements under the commands of the noble house.

Bunch of boxes that I had lying around the desk. One of them being the cultist kit, I took my favorite model in the box. The one with a hooded gasmask. This model is supposed to be a trial. It was the first time I sculpted fur and purity seals. Think it came out alright. I tried following what Marcominius said where he takes the knife to "shape tiny "worms" in the greenstuff". Worked out well and I am happy for a first timer. I just need to add one more layer of fur towards the back of the neck and it will go to the painting stages.

A cast away orphan from the shallow sewers of the sump. Braegge was left in the sump to die for his atrophies and pustulant skin. In his cries a great rat heard his distress and took him in for care, Treated like a rat while still retaining his human intellect, Braegge scavenged scrap from bloated corpses floating in the waters of the sump. At a time of starvation, Braegge killed his mother rat to eat and wore her fur for heating him in the cold dampness of the sump.

Stolen idea from Blanche's Doddermenne. Instead of a plaguebearer body, I used a goblin body. In my love for realism and childish humor I added a disgusting sack to show that Braegge is a human. Goblin body, cultist club, death head from the plagebearers kit and a tyranid toxic sac. I still need to sculpt one small patch of fur.

The poor child... Inonne's decadent body was strapped in a strait jacket and given neural implants. The implants were made to remove all emotion other than the trait of self-loathing. Very pious and devout in his belief, the mutant spawn will be taking a pilgrimage to the Hall of Penitent. His objective in the voyage, to die and release the galaxy of his taint.

Seeing the Emperor's Will book was really inspiring and I was awe-struck by each of the illustrations found within it. One page showed a giant arcoflagellant with a straitjacketed man in the corner. So I saw my chopped up goblin body and thoughtlessly decided to put a Kataphron head. I added a skull to hang from his waist. I just need to add some layers of greenstuff on the jacket and lock it with a gothic cross from the Terminator's kit. 

Comments & Criticisms Welcome!


  1. An excellent collection of models! Each a unique character. 40k does not get better! You mentioned a link to your Arxites in the post, but I did not see it. I would love to see more of them!

    1. Woops, editted. These characters were all just because I didn't have a concrete project. For the pilgrim characters I think would make a great terrain project, the Hall of Penitents. And the mutants have already become part of a band, Mustii Scabbes....