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Mustii Scabbes Sump Muties

"We are the Mustiis. The Scabbes!"
- Quote from Ygraesse, Vagabande Chief

Alright after wandering aimlessly in my mind looking for a cool project to do I was stuck with looking at my sump mutant. What could I do? I looked in the Ammobunker and one of the commentors said that he could be part of a feral scavvy gang. I thought and as I looked at the goblins sprue, I took it and clipped off some bodies. Took a few arms form the cultists and there are 4 more mutants done. I then added Agrellan Earth to enforce their name sake.

The mutants were heavily based off the Shuffylnge Doddermenne by Master John Blanche and the color scheme would be similar too. I did like the mouldy and wet look on his sculpted fur for the doddermenne but I only knew a more barbaric look which I think still fits with the bands feral nature.

Some time before I started to build the gang I was putting down ideas for warbands that would be found in the sump Vagabandes if you will. And I wrote down a couple of words that made me gag just thinking about these two words...

The Mustii Scabbes: 

Feral mutants under the command of a "healthier" human. Their skin is bloated, pustulant and scab-ridden. All of them outcasts since birth from the underhive above. All raised by their giant mother-rats. It was a time of flooding within the damp Sump and the children, with their remaining human intellect, decided to kill their rats to where for warmth and comfort. One of them, Ygraesse, has found a rusted and broken autopistol "Slingerre" in their tongue. Through this he has kept the band under a form of strict discipline. Bashing them if the go out of place and if needs be shooting them.

Now nomadic and roaming the Sump in search for tools to aid for their survival. Using techniques of camoflage within the water of the sump to ambush prey. They have gained a reputation for their mutations that gives them extreme blood loss only to quickly dry from their regenerative ability. These scabs gives them a sort of "armour" to protect them from the harder blows of a blunt knife. Their ifamy was gained for their swift strikes and what they leave behind, with the waters turning red from their hunts...

Ygraesse the leader. He is the one that keeps them all in their place. Under the whip of the pistol and the lead of the bullet, they call this ancient and feared piece "Slingerre". He is the eldest with thick beared and scab-covered face. He sports a pouch from a fallen ganger and the rags of a drowned preacher within the shallow waters of the Sump. Hanging from the waist is one of the legs of his mother-rat to  show his band who's in charge...

As I was researching the scavvies online I saw the leader miniature. I have to say that the rags and torn gasmask really got to me. So I thought I would start Ygraesse with a flagellant body. I was thinking of giving him the mechanical look that the orginal model had. However I stared longer at the blu-tacked body and I thought that it would remove the uniformity of the gang. So I chopped the flagellant torso and replaced it with a goblin body. I gave him a flagellant head but it looked too human so I just hopelessly sculpted fur on top and hoped it would look good. I think he looked as if he was part of the gang. Making him dress differently and have a superior weapon would show that he takes the lion's share of loot in every hunt and raid the Scabbes go to.

Flaegelle was born with an elongated body. He is elastic and from that his skin sags. He has made a flail with barbwire from a long forgotten Hive War that took place during the first settlers of Sapria IV. His flail carves through his skin but thanks to his lack of response to pain, he uses it freely and can keep a few feet away from the enemy as he unties the wire to hit them a longer way away...

I was hesitant using that body but after putting that cultist arm on him, I thought it made the mutant look much better. The bent wire also adds to the motion of the base  cave goblin miniature. I thought of his name 'Flaegelle' after the weapon he carries. The word for whip or flail in Latin is 'flagellum'. After some distorting and adding some of Ye Olde Englishe touches, the name was made. A fun thing about the 40k universe is wondering what the language would be like. How is High Gothic spoken? Is it just an amalgamation of Latin and English? I think it is a combination of whatever forgotten and ancient words that the corrupt Sermognosts of the Adeptus Terra have put together. It reminds me abit of the Ministry of Truth in 1984. I may do a post separate to that later...

Pectyrre is the shuffling brute of the Scabbes. He is dimwitted and finds a special pleasure in dishing violence to the opponent. His mace may be the cleanest and strongest weapon within the mutants. He was born with an enlarged rib cage which may explain why so many of the damage he takes in the chest gives him no thought. His constant head butting has given him quite the scab on his head.

This was after I ran out of plaguebearer death heads. I thought the next best head would be the flagellant with the stictch mouth, hooked nose and defined brows. Where I see it, the head looks like it is smiling which may be why I though of him as a masochist of sorts. Again his name is a combination of languages with a bit of twisting sprinkled on top. Pectyrre had a chest that stuck out and so I named him after the word for chest in latin 'pectus'.

Remme is what is known as a 'Gasherre' by the mutie band. One of the two who posess a sharp weapon made for stabbing or slashing.  His head has nail stuckdeep within the brain. This may explain his more sinister and sly fighting style. He tends to work alone and can consult Ygraesse about about ambushes that the gang can inact.

I ran out of cool clubs to give them! This guy was the first and his sword was made from two bits. The arm and handle is from one of the skaven in the Island of Blood. The blade itself is from the plague monks kit. Unfortunatle thanks to my crappy memory, I forgot the etymology of Remme's name. Maybe if I spontaneously remember, I will make sure the edit this post...

Braegge, the unidentical twin brother of Flaegelle. His stump hand is an effective shield and can be considered the other tank of the group along with Pectyrre. His weapon is a club with barbwire from the same area that his brother made the flail. Getting in contact with his angular weapon is not recommended...

The guy that started off the warband. His story also was stretched for the rest of the muties. It was my second time sculpting fur trying to do a different style, I covered that up with the one that I used for the Terran ganger from the 'Holi Menne and Muties' post. I have added the Agrellan Earth as a last resort for their name sake and I think it turned out better than expected.

The other half of the 'Gasherres'. Ianne is the more sadistic out of the gang. His twitchy nature and berzerk fury has given him the name of 'Butch' by the other Sump gangs. He has a rope which he addictivly chews on and that could be used by Ygraesse to drag him around.

The head was the last of the last resorts with my lack of bits. The flagellant head is pretty cool but the beard kind of ruined it for me, so I shaved it off and I think it looks pretty legit without it. His name is 'Ianne'. One of the translations of butcer I think is 'Ianius' and since we haven't heard of a human n sounding name yet, I thought it would tie well with the name of 'Ian'.

I spawn that escaped from a portal from the warp. No thought, the hand-rat was recieved by the Mustii Scabbes as a pet and it seems to have found it's place for living. It has a reputation for hiding in sleeves only to pounce on the face of who every is scavenging the clothing...

I must say that this rat was before Braegge even took concept. I was thinking of making a daemon warband where every model would be a spawn but I didn't have the cool chaos bits that you find in the spawn and forsaken kits. I so resorted to taking a rat from the plague monks and giving it a hand from the plaguebearers kit as a head. It is a bit surreal and I found it really creepy. One of the commentors in the Ammobunker said that the natural impulse would be to position the hand flat and facing the ground but putting it side ways somehow made it much more twisted and wrong.

That is enough for now, I will be showcasing a painting next post. I am not that good at painting( I am better at sketching). But I thought it would be a good experience for trial and error to see what works and what doesn't.

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