Thursday, August 18, 2016

Servitora Crania: Practicing to draw servo skulls

One of my favorite thing about 40k that AoS doesn't have is servo skulls. Something about these morbid memento mori are creepily cute. I was really first seeing them from one of the dated 40k rulebooks where they were sporadically recurring withing the pages of the rules and I just loved how they looked. When I then bought the Inquisitor's Sketchbook I knew I had to dedicate a page to my own sketchbook for these ugly mugs.

All inspired and shamefully ripped off from John Blanche's awesome sketches:

Closer shots of each skull:

It would also be good practice with ink painting. My winsor and newton inks take forever to arrive where I am so they will remain colorless for now....


  1. Those are some lovely little skulls! I too love servo skulls; they are a wonderful part of the 40k universe, that is so fitting with the grim nature of it. For being so iconic, I am surprise how few good models there are of them. And the few they do have tend to be too large, and our of scale with the rest of the range. A noble conversion opportunity...

    1. Thank you! More sketches underway. I too am surprised for the lack of good servo-skulls. I am compelled to make my own but I am not the best when it comes to fiddly work. I think you should try to make tiny skulls, go for it!