Wednesday, July 13, 2016


I have been thinking of making this blog for a while now.
I have started building plastic men back in 2006 with LEGO's Bionicle and a few Technique sets too. In 2013,Paris as I was marching down to my friend's birthday party I saw my first GamesWorkshop store. Small and modest I went in the next day and have been introduced to Warhammer Fantasy and 40k. 40k seemed to lure me in more and I bought my first kits, Tyranid hormogaunts and Khorne bloodletters.

Loving this new hobby, I bought the 4e rulebook which gave me a while to truly know the rules. But what encapsulated me the most about it was the art made by John Blanche, Magister Illuminatus... Still being introduced to my teenage years, I was so struck by the movement, twisting and exaggerated looks of his characters. With this I decided to not care for the rules and growing Orks army too much and invest my time in the art and literature of the 41st Millenium.

Since then I have just been building miniatures and drawing characters on my sketchbooks. All for story and none for competitive play. Living out in the Middle East now with no GW scene at all, I am missing my days with Warhammer and occasionally I would go back to France to get my fix of plastic crack and minatures. Pretty lonely so this blog would be another way of communicating with the outside world about my hobbies and thoughts.

The blog, to put it bluntly, would just be a dumping grounds for my thoughts,sketches,wrting and miniatures. Just dumping any thoughts I have out and talking about my thought processes and concepts on miniatures and sketches. This was really inspired by Neil's late and missed blog, Opus Maius, Tears of Isstvan and Ironsleet.

More to come. Who knows what it will be...


  1. Hi Ahmad,
    Thanks for the reference; always makes me smile that people are still influenced by Isstvan.
    Good luck with your blog; looks like it's going to be interesting :)

    1. Oh man! I am a big fan of your blog. Always beautifully written. It is great to see you comment on my blog. I am willing to improve the looke of the blog. I have a few designs but it may take a while to make it more "presentable".

  2. I only now found this blog! Glad to see you have a place to put your work! Your arxites from the Pilgrym game were fantastic. Some of my favorite models there!

    1. Much thanks Eric! Your red church were one of my favorite additions to the pilgrym game. Roland was a unique and intriguing character indeed.